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Age 31
Occupation Artist
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Frankie J. Alvarez

Agustín is an aspiring artist and one of Patrick's roommates. He currently works as an artist's assistant. He questions the idea of monogamy but is in the process of domesticating with his own boyfriend Frank. Out of the trio, he is the only one not living in San Francisco after moving to Oakland to live with Frank.

Season 1[]

Looking for Now[]

Agustin makes the decision to move to Oakland with his boyfriend Frank, but he tells his friends that it does not mean he is domesticating. He tries to prove this by having a threesome with his boyfriend and another man that visits his boss's gallery.

Looking at Your Browser History[]

Agustin fights with his boss and ends up getting fired. While drowning his sorrows at a bakery with milk and a slice of cake, he meets a sex worker who ends up giving Agustin his card for future reference. Agustin then goes to his old apartment that he shared with Patrick and the two eat Thai food while talking about Patrick's new boss Kevin.