Age 39
Occupation Waiter
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Murray Bartlett
 Career waiter Dom -- a mainstay at Zuni on San Francisco's Market Street -- is facing a crossroads in his life: an upcoming 40th birthday. He's contemplating what he really wants -- and that may just be opening a restaurant of his own. Dom lives with Doris, his fellow Modesto native, and gravitates toward younger men in his romantic pursuits.


Season 1Edit

Looking for NowEdit

Dom is a waiter at Zuni's and has been for quite a few years. While working there one day, he finds himself attracted to one of the new waiters but is told by the bartender to not pursue him. Later, it turns out that Dom had a bad incident in the past with an old boyfriend named Ethan, and he reveals to his roommate and friend Doris that this ex wants to meet up again.

Looking for UncutEdit

After helping Agustin move to Oakland, Dom decides that he will meet with his ex, Ethan, despite Doris's advice not to. The meeting does not end well and the audience finds out that Dom had lent Ethan a few thousand dollars in the past and wants it back. After using Grindr to find a hookup and outlet for his frustrations, Dom tells Doris that he is going to demand that the money be returned to him.

Finding Ethan at a hotel talking to potential real estate clients, Dom is frustrated to hear that Ethan has no plans of giving him any money because he considered it a gift when they were dating. Angry at the indifferent response, Dom yells to the potential clients that they should not put any trust in Ethan, an old drug user (which is not confirmed to be true or not).

Looking at Your Browser HistoryEdit

Tired of not being able to do anything he wanted with his life, Dom reveals to Doris during a dance class that he wants to finally follow his dream of opening a restaurant. After getting a show of support from Patrick and Doris, Dom goes to try and start the dream of opening his Portuguese-chicken restaurant.

After unsuccessfully trying to get a friend to leave her job to help him, Dom goes to a gym. He ends up meeting a man named Lynn in the steam room, and the two chit chat for a bit. In the middle of their talk, a man that Dom had made eye contact with in the showers comes by, and Dom says goodbye to have intercourse with the stranger.

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