Richie Donaldo Ventura
Occupation Doorman/Barber
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Raul Castillo

Richie is a doorman at Esta Noche and an aspiring barber. He is Patrick's love interest in Looking, and they first meet while on the Muni, the bus system in San Francisco.

Season 1Edit

Looking for NowEdit

Richie first meets Patrick on the Muni and the two hit it off. He tells Patrick that he works as a doorman at Esta Noche, and the latter goes there later that night.

Looking for UncutEdit

Richie meets Patrick for drinks, but Patrick ends up getting too drunk while Richie seems more interested in getting to know him. After returning to Patrick's apartment, the two are hooking up until Richie decides that they are looking for different things and leaves to Patrick's embarrassment.

Looking for $220/HourEdit

Patrick and Richie run into each other again while at Stud. After apologizing for his behavior, the two spend the rest of the night dancing and seem attracted to each other.

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